Rise of The Tomb Raider Review : Our Best Picks

Overview Of Rise of the Tomb Raider

We have seen a lot of the world’s most played games trending usually ranging from different consoles like the Xbox series, Play Station and many PC Gaming systems; we all play them and always love to spend most of our free time on that I can remember it was around 2015 when an announcement was stated During Microsoft’s Gamescom conference about the release of the Rise of the Tomb Raider.

rise of the tomb raider graphics<


Square Enix has been very successful in releasing a lot in the Tomb Raider series having all other version and series of the game, the Rise of the Tomb Raider have make it a great game in the history of Square Enix.

The Difficulty Overview

Every game we have how difficult and complex that game is, so for an overview of the difficulty of the Rise of the Tomb Raider is going to be a great importance since we all have to think how complex and difficult a game is then we can think of how we can play it and overcome all the difficult areas so easily; even though not all games are that so easy bet me am saying this from my long experience with gaming and I can remember a game that almost makes me feel always curious to see being done with some of the complex levels but guess what up to a day like this am fighting my own way to get rid of that game.

Well for this game, I can say the difficulty level is a kinda optimal but just like every game, you just have to give it a little rest or have a coffee break then there you can come back to get rid of the levels you found disturbing. so now let’s take some of the best combat tactics of the amazing Lara in details and how to perform them.

  • Killing Tactics : Lara has so many killing tactics and the physics used in the game is superb for instance, let’s take a look at the silent killing Combat performed in the Rise of the Tomb Raider :

rise of the tomb raider kill tactics

Just like you can see above that’s a great act of combat by Lara and a nice act of gaming combat, you know it because even if you have never played the game you play some popular games like the assassin’s creed and others. that’s just a basic example even though it’s not that hard of course but there were many more combat and kicks that you wouldn’t love to miss them all.

Graphics Overview

For every game, the first thing I look for after the popularity is Graphics; and am sure every one check game graphics before even thinking of playing the game. The Rise of the Tomb Raider is a game that wins the graphics part because if you take a look at below image, you will strongly believe what am talking, how beautiful the graphics is, how clear and astonishing it appears. so the graphics used in the game is of high definition compared to other games with very poor graphics that get’s you so bored when you are playing the game and there by dumping the game in the end because of the bad graphics.

Cons and Pros

Just like in any game ever, we have pros and cons and how every one loves or hates that game and the reason behind that so let us take a view about what’s the cons and pros of the game are and other prospective issues and tutorials from experts view.


  • Price is sometime an issue as some are not able to afford the little price of the game.


  • Great graphics
  • very cheap and affordable
  • Good sound and physics
  • Awesome action

Price Overview

That’s one thing with Xbox Games You have to buy it no much option to grab one free online so the price point for this game is really that cheap you can grab a copy from $20 up to $100 on amazon you can check it Here


All Xbox apps installations are done in the same way but for the proper way to do it, you can check this link Installing Xbox Apps. Once installation is done, you can fire up your game pads and enjoy the flavor of the game.


Have you get all the gears you need to get you going and get started in playing the great game of tomb raiders. I love this game and how am playing it daily. Have you got your own copy of the game? let’s have a great discussion in the comment section.

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